Thank you for checking out Rock of Hope Church. We are so excited that we may potentially have a part in sharing our journey with Jesus together.  As you look over the website, know that we exist to love God and to love people.  If there is anything way we can serve and share with you, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our Vision Statements

What do we look like as a church?

We believe that the church is not identified as four walls and a steeple, but as the people of God placed in every community in which they live, therefore:

"Rock of Hope Baptist Church is a fun-loving, multi-cultural. Holy Spirit led community, reaching people locally, regionally and globally, prayerfully growing in a relationship with Jesus Christ."

Our Mission Statement

Why exist as a church

As the Church we live our lives to exalt person of Jesus Christ in all we think, say and do and invite all people to do the same. We find ways to embrace people where they are and continue to love them through their journey with Christ. We enjoy our walk with God and our walk with one another. We intentionally engage with our community and the world to have a voice in the market conversations of our times. We strive to be equipped in order to accomplish the work set before us as ambassadors of Jesus Christ and His kingdom.

E5: Our Five Guiding Principles: We seek to...

To acknowledge and to make known the supremacy of the King is our highest calling.
  • We exalt Him with every endeavor of our lives
  • We exalt through prayer, song, the arts, stewardship and study
  • We exalt Him in every gathering
  • We exalt Him before the nations

To partner with God in reaching out and caring for the needs of people is our truest act of kingdom living.
  • We embrace our neighbors in their brokenness, meeting needs as called.
  • We embrace, through steadfast prayer, the cares and burdens of others to the Lord
  • We embrace people and ministries, partnering together in order to care for those the Lord brings into our lives.


To experience the fullest measure of joy in our walk and work is our greatest treasure.
  • We enjoy the journey with God
  • We enjoy the journey with other believers
  • We enjoy the journey as we encounter our world
To impact our culture with the love and message of Christ is our noblest task.
  • We engage people on their turf to share the presence of the Kingdom in their world
  • We engage in conversations about Christ and the need for salvation.
  • We engage ourselves in the cultural conversations of our times
  • We engage actively in the fight against evils that assault humanity

To train, develop, and provide resources for followers of Christ for their God-gifted calling is our richest privilege.
  • We equip others to discover their God given talents, skills, personalities and gifts
  • We equip others to develop the tools necessary to accomplish His will for their lives
  • We equip ourselves to disciple those who come through our doors to be followers of Christ